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Summer holidays are the perfect time to prepare for the next year or revise last year’s stuff, so put that time to good use and work! But don’t forget to drink enough and have fun, you’re on holiday after all! 
Get started:
Make a Schedule
Make a Summer Study Schedule
Block Websites here or here
Different ways to do buns (because I like to have my hair out of my face when I’m studying)
Instrumental Music:
Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat.
Study Buddy
Study Mix I
Survival kit to finals
Concentration Part One  Part Two  Part Three
Study With Accompaniment I    II    III
Instrumental Mega Mix
Free Textbooks:
Textbook Revolution
Mostly Science and Maths textbooks
Free e-books
Project Gutenberg (there are also books in German, French and Portugese)
How do I study for…
simplified Physics equations
learn Geography
Khan academy
Music Theory
Science Videos
Periodic Table Song
practice Math problems
learn a new language
simple free learning tools
Cookie Recipes
Cookie in a mug
Healthy Smoothies
Big list of healthy recipes
Healthy Study Snacks
Quick and easy snacks
more healthy study snacks
Starbucks recipes
I hope this was helpful, message me if you have question or a link isn’t working !
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  • bookdrunkinlove:

Hey guys!!!! I can’t believe there are actually 5 thousand of you that want to follow me!! It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago there were only 30 of you! I blame Manda and Jess haha!
So as a thank you for putting up with my toddler spam, my late night wine book rants, and Maureen and my banter back and forth. I would like to give away some books!
So here are the rules!!:
• I will be choosing TWO winners! The first winner will get either two paperbacks or one hardcover book of their choice! The second winner will receive one paperback of their choice!
• That’s right! Any book you want!!  I would have chosen some of my favorite books, but I want you to get whatever book you’ve been dying to read!
• This is open internationally! I will be purchasing the books through  the book depository! So you just have to be ok with giving me your address for shipping purposes!
• Now the usual fine print. You must be my follower! I will check! Also likes count. Reblog as much as you would like. Just don’t spam your dash! Also no giveaway blogs! That’s cheating.
• Liam will be picking the two winners from a fishbowl. But if there are way too many for me to write down, I will be using a number generator. This will happen on August 10th
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  • noryx-enriquez:

June Book Challenge by partnersinbooks!!
Glasses - I dont wear glasses but i have one =)) sooo yeah ;D
Noryx | Enriquez (c) | Goodreads
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Gelato > संस्कृतम् by P.K. Cerda on Flickr.
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in close, indian-style coffee by seven spoons • tara on Flickr.
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  • lovelyowlsbooks:

Time for my ‘Not so extravagant’ giveaway! But I got 1,500 followers and I am so grateful and thought I’d do a giveaway even if it’s small and not all that great! I’ve listed a few books I’ve really liked!

Must be following me - this giveaway is for my followers.
This giveaway is international - I’ll be using The Book depository so please check if they ship to your country.
There will be one winner and can choose one book from the picture above. (Sadly, I’m not a millionaire so no hardcovers, also, I’ll try and give you the cover you want depending whether you want a British or American cover. Can’t promise anything.)
Reblog for entryand like to bookmark- reblog as many times as you want but don’t spam your followers and NO giveaway blogs.
If you win, you must be comfortable with giving me your address.
Your ask must be open, I won’t contact through fanmail.
This giveaway ends 5th August - if you still have questions, feel free to ask.

Again, thank you to my awesome followers!
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